benefits of myofunctional therapy

Myofunctional Therapy is a painless therapy that is used to correct the improper function of the tongue and orofacial muscles through a series of relatively simple orofacial and tongue exercises. We use our orofacial muscles 24 hours a day 7 days a week, consciously and subconsciously. If there is improper function of any of these muscles, problems will develop leading to myofunctional disorders among others. Orofacial Myofunctional therapy: may aide in the treatment of sleep breathing disorders, promotes proper lip seal, facilitates proper nasal breathing, promotes a proper swallow, facilitates proper chewing, promotes lingual-palatal resting posture, may aide in the treatment of TMD and/or facial pain, may help with speech problems, aides in the elimination of noxious oral habits, aides in the correction of a tongue thrust, and aides in preventing orthodontic relapse.
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control your sleep apnea

Myofunctional Therapy can help decrease the severity of Sleep Breathing Disorders.

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rein in your tongue thrust

A tongue thrust is an abnormal swallowing pattern, which can lead to various unrelated ailments.

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Ease TMD (Jaw) Pain

TMD (jaw pain) is an aggravation of the TMJ and associated muscles of the head, face, neck and back. Affects range of motion of the TMJ and is followed by pain.

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Treatment of Myofunctonal Disorders

Customized to treat myofunctional disorders, which can affect swallowing, breathing, posture, and dental treatment among other.

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Breathing Re-education

Through the use of the buteyko breathing re-education method problems such as over-breathing, mouth breathing and improper breathing are addressed.

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Our mission at Manhattan Myofunctional Therapy, LLC is to improve the overall health of our patients and the community. We provide cutting edge delivery of care and services in a compassionate, cost-effective and multidisciplinary way. Every patient's treatment is carefully customized in order to meet the needs of each individual. We focus on quality of care and provide our patients with innovative treatments for myofunctional disorders.